A Simple Reverse Psychology on Men Guide

Have you ever gone out with a man that you liked very much but he only wanted you to be friends? A man might often say that because he’s too sure about your feelings for him. Men are fighters; they want to scramble for your attention.

Apply reverse psychology on men and tell them tha you enjoy so much being friends that you can’t imagine being more than that. Hearing this, he will realize that you are not vulnerable and he’ll take the attack position. If you continue to play this role and try to keep the distance between you because “this is how friends behave”, you’ll get exactly what you want: his heart.

Reverse psychology means to manipulate people’s thinking in order to act exactly as you want, but to feel as if it was their choice. By definition, men are hardnosed and vain and this is why they may seem difficult to deal with. In fact, it’s a piece of cake if you know how to act. There are a lot of techniques to make someone do something that they wouldn’t do, such as NLP – neuro linguistic programming – but that’s psychologists’ theory. In practice, there are only a few aspects related to reverse psychology that you need to pay attention to.

First of all, don’t smother him! Even if he cares about you, living 24/7 next to you is not exactly what he wants. The feeling of dependence isn’t benefic to a relationship and it could lead to a wide range of motiveless reproaches, endangering the welfare of your friendship. Men appreciate when their girlfriends give them enough space for solving their own issues.

Even if you’re tempted to hang on him every moment of your life, this attitude will only lead to a separation. Reverse psychology says that you need to stop being his shadow and calling him every ten minutes. Further more, stop tackling him when he’s not beside you. Men need to feel appreciated, so don’t hesitate to show him that you care.

Besides that, another strategy of reverse psychology on men is showing your interest. Even if you don’t understand anything or it seems totally uninteresting to you, you should sometimes show him that you care about what he does and what he likes. Find out what his favorite team is, search for some information about it and then try watching a game with him.

But don’t forget why you are doing this: don’t try to catch all of his attention. He might be happy that you share the same interests with him, but he still wants to watch that game! If you act too fake, the theory about reverse psychology will be irrelevant and you’ll just become ridiculous.

Basically, getting his attention should be quite simple if you assimilate this type of attitude. If you want to become a major aspect of his life and determine him to reach for you, these reverse psychology on men tricks will surely be a starting point.
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