Understanding Men And How They Behave In Relationships

Listen ladies, the first thing you must do when you want to get your boyfriend back, is to understand the reasons they left you for. But more than that, you must understand what is in their head because, most of the breakups don’t have to do something with you, but rather with the thoughts in his head.

Amazingly, men don’t just resume at sex (at least not all of them). They actually look at most of the small details and appreciate or not, according to the situation.

Men like women. Great! But, is that all? No…There are a lot of details that men put emphasis on. For example, a man has to feel like a man in a relationship, and it’s not about traditional, expired values here, but it’s just that men are usually more rational and calculated than women, so they like to take control of the situation. Of course if you have a problem say it, but you have to have faith in him and his decisions. And if he screws up, you got all the right to do it your way next time.

Men are not that simple as you may think. The way women search for the man of their dreams, believe it or not but that’s what men do too. We all seek that one person that will make our hearts enlarge. Men tend to not show their feelings very fast, but that does not mean they’re not there. You have to understand the things he’s suggesting through various signs or subtle phrases.

You think only women like attention? Wrong. Men also like to be in the center of a woman’s life. Some may be too possessive but most men expect to be given what they are offering. For example if he gives up for a friend to see you, he expects the same thing from you when in the same situation.

Sex is also present in a man’s mind. And remember, as long as you please him sexually, he won’t have any reason to cheat on you, make you jealous or simply want to go out with other women. It’s a true fact (here’s is a great collection of  great lovemaking tips and sex secrets for further reference: 500 Lovemaking Tips & Sex Secrets).

Many times, when a relationship hasn’t worked very well, we put the blame on men telling they are insensible, indifferent and liar. But we forget to take into account that we might have smothered them with an excessive attention and too high demands. It’s not a secret anymore that men are more rational and more tough-minded than women.

For them, facts are a lot more important than words. Don’t say that you trust him and then call him ten times a day and don’t say you love him and then grow angry for every little thing that he did wrong.

As we do, men like to be appreciated. Even if you think you’re right, you’d better have a conversation with him, than shout “I told you!” and go away. This kind of attitude (which, girls, we must admit that we often use!) doesn’t offer him the possibility to show you what he thought about that situation.

Men made easy guide for understanding men

If you want to understand a man as he is, you have to give him enough space for himself. Of course you want to spend together as muchtime as possible and of course it is nice of you to show him you share the same passions with him, but any man wants to play football with his friends without answering his cell phone every ten minutes and to get a beer while watching his favorite program without you to be upset because he ignores you

Anyway, for a deeper understanding of men, I recommend you this awesome workbook + audio coaching session that will teach you all you need to know about men: Men Made Easy

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