Understanding Women And How They Behave In A Relationship

Ok guys, buckle up because what you are about to read might be life-changing. I’d suggest you read it carefully and follow my instructions in order to get your girlfriend back:

Breaking up with somebody doesn’t always mean it’s your fault; mostly it’s because of the thoughts inside the head of your ex girlfriend.

What can I say? Girls are complicated! That’s not a secret. When you least expect, they do something totally unpredictable and leave you astonished… and not in a good way!

Women actually have this unique ability to be unpredictable. One day she may feel something and the next day something totally different. They are just not as calculated and thoughtful as us, guys. They act more based on their feelings, never thinking about the consequences. .. And I guess that’s what makes us fall for them.

Women like attention. Remember that! And as long as you give a woman what she needs, it’s all good. Lack of attention is the main reason a girl starts having doubts about her relationship… they’re simply addicted to attention. If you don’t give them enough, they’ll start to think you’re giving it away to someone else and get all paranoid. You don’t want that.

You have to understand the needs of a woman, what she wants in a man.

She needs to feel protected; she wants you to always be there for her…yes, a woman is a needful human being. She needs guidance from a man in this messed up world.

The mind of a woman is very complex. You have to really look at all the tiny details to understand what she thinks and feels. It’s the little things that make a woman special.

We have to admit that honesty is not necessarily a quality of women. I don’t say that as a negative fact, because there are lots of cases when a woman tells lies only for not hurting the person beside her. I’m only telling you to be aware of how she acts. Don’t take any smile or accept from her as a victory, because she might behave like this just because she wants to be polite or worse, she has pity on you and she doesn’t want to make you feel bad.

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Talking about your ex girlfriend for instance, if she was she one who broke up with you, she might feel uncomfortable with that and it is very possible for her to try to be nice to you. In this case, don’t take that as an advantage. Pity isn’t exactly the feeling that you would like her to feel for you. Of course, there can be the other situation in which she considers that you caused her much pain and all that she wants is to pay you back your own coin. If it comes to that, she might try to be mean to you even if this is not what she really wants.

If you don’t want to misinterpret a girl’s behavior, it’s very important to think about the relationship between you two and then consider the words above.

Women have never been easy, but here’s a book that explains a lot about women… some things that you never even bothered to put emphasis on, it’s everything you ever wanted to know about women but didn’t know who to ask: How To Win The Woman You Want.

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  1. Nice one. Women need not be always needful. They are also sometimes helpful. Men also have their own sides. You just have to understand the one you have.

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