I Want My Ex Back After I Broke Up With Her / Him

What’s that you say ? ” I want my ex back because I just realized it” ? Well… in life we make decisions and sometimes not the right ones. In your case, breaking up with your ex may have not been your smartest decision and now you regret it and want your ex back.

These sort of things happen… people are often confused and make some irrational decisions and then regret them. You may have had a phase, some personal problems or there was even a misunderstanding between you too and you ended breaking up. . In fact, this shouldn’t be very difficult, because you already know him or her, but the most important is to be sure that you really want your ex back and to convince him or her that it was a big mistake of you.

When you broke up with your girlfriend / boyfriend you didn’t realize what you were doing and probably broke up his / her heart. This is the main thing you have to focus on: make up for your mistakes and prove to him/her those were not your intentions.

Your ex may now be having an awful time and can’t get over the fact that you crushed their heart so he or she may need some time to recover. What I’m saying here is be patient and stay by her side all along the healing process to show her that you care and you want her to be better; after all, patience and friendship are essential in getting your ex back.

The main idea is to get back into their heart slowly and efficient. So, talk to him / her and ask them to be close friends and try to hang out more often. Soften your ex’s pain, show them that you couldn’t do such a thing to them again and the rest will follow.

Stand by your ex! Prove your ex that he or she can count on you when he/she has an issue or an awful day. Maybe he/she won’t tell you about his/her problems, but of course you can find out that, even if you are not together now. You should have the best of these situations, in order to show your ex that you’ll always be there.

An important strategy to get your ex back is being surprising. You already know the things your partner didn’t like at you. Now it’s the right moment to show that you are the perfect person for him/her. If you succeeded in being friends, you may organize a party or a trip with your mutual friends. Once you’ve made this step, be as natural and attractive as possible and try being in focus. This way, it won’t take long until you’ll be in his focus too.

Another important aspect is to put emphasis on the little details because they’re the ones that make a difference. If your ex sees you a better caring person and that you take into consideration the small things they talk about or do good things will happen. They’ll be mentally satisfied, feel much more comfortable and they’ll slowly open their heart and welcome you back in. It will be all a matter of time…

i want my ex back

There are a lot of other details for you to take into consideration such as not pushing the limits when you’re in this delicate situation, not wanting to jump right back to sex or not understanding some messages that they’re trying to transmit via subtle phrases or actions and if you really want to find them out, check out this New System to Get Back Together.

“Do I still want my ex back ?” I hope I clarified you at least with the big picture of the whole situation. Good luck !

10 thoughts on “I Want My Ex Back After I Broke Up With Her / Him”

  1. my boyfriend broke with me. i want him back. what shld i do. he ended the relation .
    he fought with me for sillly reasons. he had ego problems. lots of attitude. he use to think i treat him as my dog. infact whole day i use to care for him. it was long distance relationship. i am depressed. i want him back

  2. Hi ash,

    I understand the problem. Men normally have this problem: they want to feel like they’re in control of the relationship but they also don’t like it when their girlfriend is being too possessive.

    If you really want your ex back you should definitely try to use some reverse psychology tricks on him to make him want to come back to you. This way he”ll convince himself that you really were just being careful with him.

    Good luck!

  3. I broke up with my girlfriend a little over two months now. We dated for 14 months and before I broke up with her I was really confused. I don’t think I thought enough about it before I broke up with her and I know now that I made the biggest mistake of my life.

    Ever since the break up I’ve been constantly wondering if I made the right decision. I know I broke her heart and I know that I honestly don’t deserve someone like her. I still love her and I want her back but I don’t know what to do.

  4. My boyfriend and i broke up because we were so different. It was his idea to break up and he said that he still loves me. But he is sure that we would’ve broken up anyways in the future due to our differences. I don’t know if him saying it was our differences was a cop out or not but I know that I still love him. I fake like I’m fine and happy in front of him but I miss him a lot. What should I do?

  5. Hi, I sydney I broke Up with my boyfriend a few weeks ago,, I need help I miss him with everything I have Anyy advice??

  6. Hi, I broke up with my bf 3 days ago, because he was never opened to me. He didn’t know who i was and never asked me anything. He spent more time with his online friends than with me. Oh forgot to mention that we are long distance and he is Chinese. I felt like the right choice was to leave him, because there was nothing in this relationship. In the end it back fired me into believing i made a horrendous mistake. I turned into a stalker. I know where he is at with his friends online. He cried infront of his “friends” about me. And i sent him a message appologising. And he said, “im just fine being friends with you”. i don’t believe it. I am sad. could you help me? thank you soo much!!

  7. hey I was with this girl for 2 years I loved her but i didnt relize how much she loved me so i broke up with her an told her that i liked someone else. now she is with someone and i really want her back but she sais she has no more feelings for me. but she still texts me and has a great time talking to me is it possible to get her back please email me asap! thank you!

  8. Hi. I broke up with my Ex-girlfriend about 3 weeks ago and she had broken up with me in the summer and later on that year we started talking but i was also talking to another girl before me and my ex were talking so decided to not date both of them and i started talking to another about 2 weeks later. 4 months ago that girl had broken up with me for another guy and my ex and I started talking again, we started to dated and that was the happiest i had ever been in my life but i found i out she had been talking to other guys, so i never really tried to talk it over with her and i had broke up with her and she says she doesn’t love me and that me and her are over but i feel like there is a little hope to get her back but i don’t know anymore. So i need some help to get her back… The reason why she was talking to other guys was because i never told her she was pretty or beautiful and the guys that she had been talking to her did, so she didn’t feel loved and i need some help with my problem so please write back!!!

  9. Me and my boyfriend i guess really didnt break up i just left. I regret it i want him back so bad and we are having a baby together and im really confused. I just feel like i made a horrible mistake and i would like to fix but, im not sure if hes willing. what should i do?

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