Win Your Ex Back Using Reverse Psychology

Reverse psychology…an interesting theory that can prove to be very useful in most cases. I say most cases because I’m not going to lie to you and start bragging that this is a simple thing simply because people are so individual… human behavior is very difficult to predict. Our identities make us unique in every single way but this method has proven to be successful.

First of all let’s underline a few major components of reverse psychology: the main thing you should focus on is not getting your ex back, at least not now. You have to achieve self-control before you can attempt to reconquer your ex’s heart. What I’m trying to say is: I know you’re feeling down, you’re probably thinking about your ex 24/7, everything you do you reminds you of your ex, but you have to stay calm, stay controlled. Even if some of the tips given will bring you down a road that might feel a little heart-breaking, you can’t lose focus. You must be self-controlled all times. Don’t beg, don’t break down and start crying in front of your ex, telling how much you need them, even if it’s totally true.

Secondly do not try to make contact with your ex, and by that I mean absolutely NO contact: emails, messages, facebook comments, twitter, instant messaging, all of these are forbidden. If you stumble upon your ex on the street or at a restaurant, don’t give the impression that you’re feeling miserable and desperate. Play it cool, and that will be a major step if you really want to get him or her back. You see people are a little bit strange when it comes to things they love or want – we always want what we can’t have and this is the same in our case: we don’t know what we have until it’s gone.

What I’m trying to say is you’ll have more chances to make up if you don’t offer your ex this control over yourself. Just knowing that you are a constant in their lives, that you will always be there in the background will drive your ex away. But seeing that you’re not desperate and needy, you seem quite all right ( even if it just seems so, it still does the trick very well , provided you maintain that self-control) , that “constant” that I mentioned a few lines ago, will probably fade away. Now the balance of power is shifting, your ex will start to question their selves if they made the right decision by leaving you, your ex will see you as very confident, and start to remember what a wonderful couple you were.

Another thing that I forgot to mention, don’t try to make your ex jealous. I know I said no contact with your ex, but you don’t have to bring a new person in your life, after all your intentions are to gain your ex back, not a new lover.

If they do come back to you, and they will if you do this, and there was a good connection in the past, then the new you, the more attractive, more self-sufficient you that doesn’t need anyone, will get your ex thinking and more importantly with their hearts. Let’s take an example: If a woman felt she left you as a boy and then finds you as a man a few weeks later, coupled with the lack of neediness and a sense of added strength, then your chances at getting back with your ex will greatly increase. This will also give you a mysterious touch as it should come as a bit of a surprise to them.

Magic Of Making Up

So far, so good. Especially for you, as a person. Men are more visual creatures in general than women. When they see their ex, and she’s lost weight and looks sexier and more confident, he will rethink the reasons that drove you apart in the first place. Women are both visual and emotional, so even if you show up like Brad Pitt but are still the needy, weak, non committed boy they left, the most you can hope for is “ex sex”.

It’s true that you can’t make anyone fall in love with you, but you can increase the chances that they will. These chances are higher with an ex as they’ve already fallen in love with you once. Time apart and you, acting like an adult, not being needy, getting physically fitter and more attractive will make your ex fall for you faster. These will practically be the basic steps of reverse psychology, for further details I highly recommend you the Magic of Making Up system which, beside the fact that it contains some awesome psychological tricks that neither I could have thought of, will actually make you a better person in your love life and will make you understand how to use the tiny details that make the difference  in your own advantage.

10 thoughts on “Win Your Ex Back Using Reverse Psychology”

  1. Exactly what I was thinking. Your content was unbelievable. To get an ex back is not the easiest of the accomplishments But it for sure can cost some effort

  2. It’s hard to focus in this kind of situations. Your advice and T Dub’s tips have helped me overcome hard times. I know that you are the only person that can “cure” yourself , but sometimes a little advice from someone else , from someone experienced in this kind of situations can be life changing. For that I thank you both.

  3. Why if your in a relationship with a man that has been given space
    To be with his friends and go as he wish always seem to end up being
    With another woman ?? And still come home as if nothing happen outside the home , as
    If he has a double personality ..

  4. Hi Nada,

    Men need to have the impression that they are free and they’re in charge of the situation. And when they’re given such ‘power’ they tend to screw things up…
    My personal recommendation when it comes to such situations is to use his thoughts against him. Take control of the situation and do what he never expects you to.

  5. hey this the 3rd montth since we separated he said he wants space when i call he picks nd he txts back.he says he doesnt have another lady he doesnt feel to be in a relationship.when his ready he will know. if i will be free will get back.i love him.what do u think.what should i do.

  6. “Men need to have the impression that they are free and they’re in charge of the situation. And when they’re given such ‘power’ they tend to screw things up…
    My personal recommendation when it comes to such situations is to use his thoughts against him. Take control of the situation and do what he never expects you to.”

    That this comment is actually made by a man about men amazes me somehow. And then men always complain we women are such complicated, incomprehensible creatures?

  7. My ex-boyfriend and I have a child together. It’s only been a week and a half since we broke up. He is already seeing someone new that he met online and he is very interested in her (one date and he is calling off work to have a second). Is my situation hopeless??? I’ve done everything wrong by telling him I want the relationship to work?. Any help is appreciated.

  8. i was dumped on friday cuz he said i worried to much and we never talked and he was always worried that i might think hes avoiding me and he looked all sad and he said he doesnt want to hurt me he asked if we can still be friends after he left i kept crying and i couldnt sleep last night i was up crying and i wanna do sumthing before its to late cuz i love him

  9. Hi

    I have a werid situation here. There this girl in work and and I finally had the courage to ask her out and stuff. We both like each other but she says she doesn’t want a relationship. I know she’s been hurt in the past and is scared of letting someone into her life and but I said that I’m not that sort of person that’s gonna hurt her. So a month passes and we’re doing good. Talking to each other everyday, hanging about on our breaks at work. But when we had a work night out and a other night out for a friend we both had arguments nothing big just drunkenness. so she got annoyed. I know it’s silly and I should just move on but I can’t. She got annoyed at me last week and now we’ve not spoken for a few days. Should I use the same thing posted here? The hard thing is I will see her in work each week. I know I should move on but I’m hope this sort things helps either way? By help I mean either she see me a better man or I move on.


  10. I broke up with my girlfriend a few times ago
    She said that she wasn’t ready . Then few time after she starts sating another Guy abd she is now with him

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